Strategic Writing

Think Create

I think for myself. I figure things out. The first time I do things, I do them very well.

My first copywriting brochure was vetted, gutted, and then left intact by some of Orange County’s most successful businessmen. It achieved its fundraising objectives which meant that Orange County's original food bank (Food Distribution Center) could and did build a large drive in freezer and refrigerator. That in turn allowed them to accept perishable foods which is a really big deal.

I always hit the ground running. Moving from L.A. to Santa Barbara, I produced Patagonia's wholesale ordering catalogs. I jumped at the chance to create the ad concept for the new Denver retail store. DIA visitors were greeted with: “Now that you’re here, get out of town.”

My first and only annual report won an Investors Relations for Best Annual Report (Wild Oats 1997). Four consecutive 100 hour weeks went by like 5 minutes, during which every day presented me with new challenges: co-directed my first photo shoot; how to stuff my tiny car with $300.00 worth of groceries for the shoot, last minute talent replacement, and how to make talent appear to fly without using cables. Then using my software proficiency to make the Financial section legible, edible, and SEC compliant.

That caught the eyes of Whole Foods which came knocking in the form of Graphic Design for subsidiary called Amrion, producing catalogs and direct mail pieces. I won an award for my price box redesign which was immediately copied by competitors. A Direct Mail piece I designed with Sr. Marketing executive Scott Fincher had a 10% response rate - unheard of in an industry where 3% is fantastic. As the dotcom collapse swallowed up that company, I found myself drawn to creating websites. I managed to turn front end website development into a modestly successful business anyways.

Earlier this year (2017) I began transitioning to my first love: writing. It's what I do best, what I find most satisfying, and provides me with my number one need: challenge. Writing mirrors my rock climbing career: never a dull moment, full of challenges which I always respond to with joy.

That joy translates into excitement, which leads success.